With this effective measure it is possible to stop the disappearance of medium-sized streams and strengthen the development of the primary forests of Colombia; bank of animal and vegetable species that originate there. We start from the initial stage; we take care of giving life to the seed, planting in area and maintenance of the planted trees.

The selected species is Abarco (Cariniana pyriformis), a local tree in danger of extinction due to indiscriminate felling that is part of one of the most important economic activities in this region.









A percentage of each bar of chocolate contributes to a cacao tree. These seedlings are delivered to a local family whose daily sustenance and work is cacao farming.








Through stories of success of women who work in different professions, this book tries to inspire girls from rural regions to pursue their dreams, thus transmitting a message that is both optimistic and real, entitled "Rural women who dare"

Sustainable development

We seek to raise awareness about the importance of socio-environmental changes on our planet. Chocolates NoName promotes actions of regeneration and balance with a sustainable look to reach the common well-being. NoName donates 10% of the value of each chocolate bar, identified with a unique impact code whose purpose is to provide the possibility to individualize and monitor each contribution towards the benefit of one of the following purposes.




Echar Pa' Lante Foundation


Agent mobilizing positive actions that invite and infect people to join the social and environmental initiatives they want to promote. This entity seeks to connect the field with the world and make it protagonist in the midst of the execution of our purposes, thus contributing to sustainable socio-environmental and economic development Through the Echar Pa 'Program, technical assistance and training in sustainable agricultural practices are granted, seeking to improve quality and performance; What leads to a differential value added cocoa.



As an initial stage, all the purposes will be executed

in the municipality of Victoria, department of Caldas - Colombia


        They can be protagonists of a socio-environmental change through two ways: through our chocolates or sponsoring with a direct attribution.

Monitoring control
To ensure the survival of the trees, such an area is monitored for at least two years after planting. We guarantee absolute transparency by providing the possibility to closely monitor the execution of each purpose. We use technological tools that allow geolocation of each of the trees planted. Chocolates no name will send periodic updates on the status of your plantation.

Here you can see the process of reforestation and economic development (plantation of cacao trees) and books distributed in Colombia (Description next to the map).

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